Chelsea Who?

Growing up in the Midwest in the common company of cornfields, flatlands, tight-knit families, and small town lifestyle I developed my characteristic personable demeanor, love of one-on-one connection with others, and simple-living philosophy. At 12 I lost my greatest creative inspiration, my floral designing grandmother Myrtle to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Many family gatherings were spent enveloped in her warmth and impeccable decorum. It's here within her tastefully-selected wallpapered walls and her crisply pressed draperies that my aesthetic was born. Some of my greatest childhood memories took place in her home, and have forever shaped me as a nurturer, artist, foodie, and designer.

After graduating high school in Columbia, Missouri, I moved to the Northwest primarily for a change of scenery. Here I started and finished my undergraduate education in Interior Design at Spokane Falls Community College and Washington State University, explored my passion for design, developed a love and appreciation for the culture of music, sharpened my photography skills, delved into the world of graphic design, and started slinging shots as a barista at a local coffee shop. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, wide open spaces, wildlife, and outdoor enthusiasts I find myself more and more inspired and overwhelmed by the beauty of the world in which we live, and strive to live a life that respects and coexists with nature.

Having just finished my degree just over a year ago, I've found myself at the crossroads of college and real life. I am eager to explore the unknown, myself and my dreams, other areas of design, and the non-profit world. My primary goal in life is to utilize my creativity to benefit the greater good and make a difference in individuals' lives, communities, and hopefully on a greater, larger scale. I have yet to fully understand how I'll use my skills, and find that wearing many creative hats keeps life exciting and the undiscovered future more promising and precious.

I am available for freelance work and hire, or even conversation over coffee.

Please feel free to email me:

Thank you for being so generous with your time!



Loomis & Co. Photography
I'm working with Christina to create a brand identity, logo, and business card for her new photography business.
La Tiendita
I'm working with Jheny to create a brand identity, logo and various web and print graphics for her new upcycled handsewn goods business. She plans to market her...
April Egly Photography
I worked with April as she started her photography business and presence. We collaborated on her business identity and worked to develop a brand and visual...
Board Election Campaign
I collaborated with our in-house communications manager to design various print collateral material for our annual board elections. Deliverables included visa...
OSI Publication Cover/Spreads
Unlike many credit unions, STCU designs a self-produced quarterly publication called OSI: Of Special Insert. It is a 5.5"x8" newsletter mailed to 100,000+ members,...
Caught in the Act
Monthly, STCU partners with an area elementary school to highlight and reward children demonstrating exemplary character traits. Children's names are published in...
Credit Card Promotion
I compiled these print and web graphics for a quarterly Visa Platinum campaign at STCU.
OSI Publication Spread - Planting for the future
I designed this print layout for STCU's quarterly OSI publication. I was lucky enough to participate in the planting itself, with Lewis and Clark high school...
Community Workshop
Print collateral for STCU's community relations team and their newly developed fraud and identify theft workshop. Deliverables included: posters, email attachment,...
Dinner Invitation
I designed this print graphic and layout design for a VIP appreciation dinner invitation.
School Supply Drive
In preparation for back to school, STCU facilitates an annual in-branch school supply drive. I designed the web banners, digital plasma tv displays, and collection...
Love Letter Campaign
I created these print and web graphics for a campaign to capture signatures in support of CU's lobbying in Washington state.
Nursery Prints
I produced these nursery prints as gifts for a friend, inspired by their surprise road trip pregnancy.
Wear Red to Work
Graphic design and illustration for digital e-distribution of Heart Health Awareness day.
Festive Desktop Decor
Ho ho ho! The holidays are my favorite time of year. Here are some free desktop images for your computer screen. Enjoy!
Laughlin Tea Party Invitation
Graphic and print design for annual family tea party.
Bridal Shower Invitation
I designed this layout for a bridal shower invitation.
TJ's Graduation Announcement
This is a custom-designed, infographic-inspired graduation announcement. Go Eagles!
Tori and Corey
These are print graphic designs and illustrations that were custom prints and bridal shower prints gifted to a bartender/barista husband and wife couple.
Wine Barrels
Graphic and print design.
My Graduation Announcement
Print graphic design of my personal graduation announcement.
Blue Jae Interiors
Logo, brand development and design work for Spokane-local interior designers and decorators.
Parker/Gamble Invitation
Print graphic and layout design wedding invitations.
Messing for a Cause
This is a print and web graphic I designed for a comedy fundraising event in Chicago.
Laugh For Kids Sake!
This is a print graphic I designed for a poster to promote a comedy fundraising event in Chicago.
Safe Harbor
Safe Harbor was a non-profit organization created to provide resources for LGBT educators and support. I collaborated with Meg to produce a visual identity, brand...
Pulse: Retail Brand and Environment
Senior capstone project focused on retail brand development and identity, design strategy, market research, design implementation, space planning, interior design,...
Community Design Center
Student community design center project focused on site analysis, community development, research, neighborhood revitalization, space planning, architecture,...
Ironbridge Museum [concept/interiors/space planning]
This was a design project for the renovation and creation of a mixed-use building on the Ironbridge condominiums site. The goal for the project was to create a...